Battery Powered Air Conditioners

Battery Powered Air Conditioners – Air Cooling Solutions

There is a huge rise in the popularity of battery powered air conditioners among those who want a stable and portable cooling solution for their needs.

Traveling in the hot summer months can prove to be a real exhaustion on the mind and body. In case you come across a place where there are no coolers, it can only add to the troubles. Having a portable battery operated air conditioners or air coolers can come in great use during those times. All you need to do is to keep it on a table and turn it on to enjoy the fresh breath of an icy cool breeze.

Such portable electric air conditioners run on two to four standard batteries which can be purchased anywhere. To get the proper mist effect, some models also have an ice adding mechanism. The entire device starts to cool the surrounding air within seconds so do you do not have to wait for it to refresh your body.

Models like the Dometic 7000 perfect for small office cubicles and parties where it is important to keep the freshness going throughout the day. The battery life is also strong and one set of rechargeable batteries is sure to last you for quite a long time.

Many people also prefer to have a portable air purifier to keep the surrounding air pure for health reasons. If you want to get proper air quality, you could opt for a air purifier battery operated solution to your problem. The Cool Box series models released by popular brands like 02-Cool are compact and lightweight but have a strong build quality.

When you purchase battery operated air conditioners or go for an air purifier from DC Breeze and others, you can be sure that they would keep all the pollutants and contaminants away from you. The entire operation is silent and there are even adapters provided for wall mounts. A good warranty and cheap prices make such battery powered cooling solutions a great value for your money.

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