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Battery Operated ATV - Battery Powered

Battery Operated ATV

The ATV means an All- Terrain-Vehicle and refers to a particular type of vehicle and its variants that can be used on any terrain in which no ordinary vehicle can be used.

These are also called as quad, three-wheeler, quad bike or a four-wheeler. These are the vehicles that are designed to run on low-pressured tires, with a straddle seat to carry one person with handle bar as the steering device.

These almost look like motorbikes with oversized balloon type tires. These are very popular now for specialized applications as well as for recreational purposes. In the present days we have many types of battery operated ATV in the market and they are useful in many ways.

The all terrain vehicles can be used on almost on any terrain and due to their high power high traction due to bigger tires they can cross any difficult terrain. They have a relatively lesser speed and lower range and hence they are very ideal for becoming good battery operated atvs. Though it is common to find many of the ATVs having a seat for only the rider, in the present days we have the tandem ATVs that carry two persons.

The ATVs are not street legal everywhere and you have to check if they are legal to be driven on public streets in your locality. These vehicles are not street legal in most parts of Australia, United States, Canada and United Kingdom. A typical ATV comes with three or four wheels but now we have some special types of ATVs with six wheels.

We have different types of ATVs with engine capacity ranging from 49 to 1000cc and they are used in various fields. They find more use in agriculture, hunting and adventure tourism, recreation and sports racing.

These can be used in any terrain, and due to their low speed they are safe even to use in rough and treacherous terrain. The battery operated atv is the modern day vehicle that has its origin from the 6 wheeled amphibious ATVs produced by Jiger Corporation and those made by Mobility Unlimited Inc, in the early 1970s.

The Honda has been the leader in this category of vehicles and right from the year 1970, this company has introduced many models of ATVs that are very popular in the market. The 1982 Honda ATC200E Big Red was one of the best ATV models. The other leading auto manufacturers like Yamaha and Suzuki also introduced many of the later ATV models.

Battery Powered Children ATV Ride-on Toys

In the modern days the battery operated atv has become one of the best forms of entertainment for young children and it adds fun to their outdoors sporting activities. The small atv battery operated usually accommodates one child whereas now we have some models of razor 4 wheel atv childs battery operated that can take two children.

These are designed to carry a particular weight and that should not be crossed for safe use of these ride-on ATVs. These come with 6 or 12-volt rechargeable batteries that can last for longer periods of uninterrupted pleasure to your young children. These are safe for children as these usually run at a speed of 2 miles to 5-miles/ hour.

EZ Riders Battery Operated Mini ATV Black is a popular battery operated atv for children and it is powered by a 6v 4AH battery and a 18w x2 atv motor. This can carry a weight of 55 pounds and runs at a safe speed of 3 miles per hour. Yet another good product in this category is the Tek Nek Honda Rumblin' ATV and has many good features like revving throttle with realistic ATV sounds and real vibrating rumbling seat.

This has real lights for the front scoop, dashboard and has nice sound effects. For safety features it has sleek and strong walker bars and wide tires for extra stability.

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