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Battery Operated Blankets – Electric Heated Blankets


The blankets help us in overcoming the effects of cold and chilly weather. We use different types of blankets like a bedspread, bed sheets, throws, blankets, and rugs to protect us from cold weather.

But at times we may find that the ordinary blankets are not useful and effective in giving us the required amount of heat to us. In such circumstances we can use the heated blankets that have electricalheating elements woven into them that can be used to heat the blanket artificially and give us warmth even in severe cold conditions.

As these types of heating blankets are required while in outdoors these come as battery operated blankets that can be conveniently used while going on camps, vacations and remote locations that have a very cold climate.

A battery operated blanket, popularly called as the battery powered electric blanket is the ideal way of getting yourself protected from even extreme cold climates. These blankets look like ordinary blankets that we use in our house, but these are special as they have many strands of heating elements woven into them. These heating elements are connected to the battery compartments placed at the corners of the blanket.

The battery operated heating blanket when connected to the battery can power the network of heating elements distributed throughout the blanket and generate a pre-set amount of heat and keep you warm for a long time. The amount of heat given and the time duration for the heating are all set on the control unit placed on the blanket.

This type of battery operated electric blanket is very convenient to use as they are powered by batteries and the latest models of these heated blankets are provided with rechargeable batteries and can be also operated through Mains power supply. While the blanket is being used through the AC mains supply the batteries will be recharged and will be ready for use when they are taken for outdoor use.

Thus these battery powered heating blankets are very useful in giving the necessary heat to protect you from the cold weather whether you are in your home or outdoors in your Camp. Though the heated electric blankets are in use for many years, they are mostly powered by AC mains supply and hence can be used only in your home indoors at any place where the access to electric supply is readily available.

Battery Powered Blanket Travel Electric Heat

Battery Operated Blanket

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Battery Powered Blankets Best to Use When on the Move

But, with the advent of the battery operated blanket, now we have the freedom of using them wherever we go. By the nature of this product it can be found that it will be useful and necessary more in outdoors than indoors. So these battery powered heated blankets are very popular among those who are venturing into places that are known for their colder climates. Now we have many types of battery operated blankets and you have wider options now. In the present times the battery operated heated blankets come with many added and useful features that makes them more user friendly and more useful to us.

Battery Operated Blanket Travel  Heated

Battery Operated Travel Blanket

The present day battery operated electric blankets come with thermostats for automatic operation. This will keep the blanket on till a pre-set temperature is reached and will put off automatically. With this facility once you have set a particular temperature it will be easy to maintain it for your comfort. They are also provided with timer devices that will keep the heaters on for a set duration of time and put them off automatically thereafter.

Battery Operated Blanket Travel  Heated

Soft Battery Operated Blanket

One of the popular battery operated blanket is the Trillium 42″” X 58″” 12V Heated Travel Blanket with Thermostat Timer “. This comes with 100% soft high quality polyester fleece for comfy feel and ride, and can be used during road trips, vacations or during emergencies. This can be operated through your car battery also, and comes with 30 – 45 minutes auto timer and a thermostat for temperature setting.





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