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The battery operated heaters are a convenience as they can be installed and used anywhere without looking for the mains electric supply.

Heaters are an essential equipments in cold weather and is an important accessory that must be carried when you are going on camps, skiing etc. Battery powered heaters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can select the one that is best for your requirements.

With the advancement in technology the efficiency of these heaters has increased much and today with use of many composite materials, it is possible to derive maximum heating even from a portable battery operated heater.

The battery operated space heaters are good for heating an enclosed space when you go for camping, or on vacation to an outdoor location. As these can be powered through rechargeable batteries you are completely relieved of the hassles of depending on the mains electric supply.

These are great for providing heat at short notice and at any place at any time. With high quality of batteries used in these heaters you are assured of a continuous heating for longer periods of time. As these types of heaters can be taken with you anywhere you go these can be your battery operated personal heater.

There are many brands manufacturing the small battery operated floor heater and some of the best models are available for sale through many of the Online stores at heavily discounted prices. In the present days we have many new features that come with these heaters and when they have a thermostat control it is easy to control the temperature.

This will increase the battery life of the heater as the thermostat closes the heater when a particular temperature is reached. One of the best product under this category is the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat. This is one of the premium products with high quality construction with use of ceramic materials.

The above heater comes with a ceramic heater with adjustable thermostat for more personalized heat settings. This has a high setting of 1500 W and a low setting of 900 Watts. This has a self regulating safety features that prevents over heating. This has a conveniently placed handle for easy portability. This is a compact size heater that measures 7-2/5 by 6-3/5 by 10 inches and comes with a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

The battery operated fan heaters are very convenient to use as they are provided with a fan that circulates the heated air around for a distance. This is a good heater for taking with you when you are going on camps and vacations where you experience cold weather. There are many popular brands with a wide range of models in the battery operated fan heaters and you can select one you like based on your requirements.

One of the attractive fan heater is the DeLonghi DFH132 SafeHeat Fan Heater, that has a protable fan with heater, and an adjustable thermostat. It is quiet in operation with automatic shut off through the PTC ceramic thermal cut- off. With an anti-freeze setting you can have a minimum heated environment for a long time.

With a portable battery operated heater for camping and home you can have a pleasant temperature while you are in your camp or in your home even during power outages.

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