Battery Operated Motorcycle – Battery Powered Motorcycle

Battery Operated Motorcycle for Children and Adults

Battery operated motor cycle are the latest trend in the auto industry and they are becoming very popular due to many advantages they have over the conventional gasoline based motorcycle.

They are clean and pollution free and they are cheap to operate than the petroleum based motorcycles in use today. The battery operated motorcycles are becoming better day by day and soon they will emerge as the best alternative for the polluting and costly gasoline based motorcycles. Now these are used in large numbers in countries like America, Canada, China, and Japan etc.

The motorcycles of today are mainly used for transport and recreation, and due to the high cost of operation due to the rising fuel costs, search is on for alternative technologies to replace the conventional motor cycles.

With the advancements in the battery technology the batteries that power the motorcycles of today have become stronger and can give power for more distance, and can charge quickly. These rechargeable batteries are the heart of your battery operated motorcycle and they have to be charged fully for better performance.

Battery Operated Motor Cycle for Kids

The kid toys industry is the largest user of the battery operated motorcycle technology and has a variety of products under this category. These electric powered motor cycles are very safe for riding by kids in the age group of 3 to 7years. One of the most popular product in this category is the toddlers battery operated Harley Davidson motorcycle. This kid’s motor cycle is a miniature replica of the world famous Harley Davidson motor cycle and looks very similar to the original vehicle.

This battery operated Harley motorcycle is best for children in the age group of 3 to 7 years. This can carry a weight of up to 40 kg and runs at a safe speed of 2.5km per hour. This is powered by a 6volt 4 Ah battery and a 12 W motor. This comes with an adopter of the rating 110- 130 V/ 220 – 240 V so that it can be used in many countries. This comes with a size of 97 x 46 x 68cm. Though the original retail price of this motor cycle is $ 299.95 it is available for as low as $79.95 in some of the online toy stores.

There are many types of battery operated Childs riding motorcycle in the market, and this is very popular among the kids. They are very sturdy and durable and can run at safe speeds and are perfectly safe for the kids. As these are available in different models, brands, colors, shapes and price ranges you have the widest choice for allowing your little one to have a motor cycle to fulfill his fancy.

These battery operated kids motor cycles are equipped with best type of batteries that can run for longer periods with little maintenance. As they are fully rechargeable they are convenient and economical to use so that your little son can get more joy out of these ride-on toys.

Yet another interesting ride-on toy for your young children is available in the form of battery operated childs riding police motorcycle. This is one of the popular and more interesting gift items to kids in the age group of 3 to 9 years and comes as an exact replica of the modern day police patrol motor cycle with all the siren, lights and music. The battery is 6Volt 800 MA accumulator type of the rating 6V 4.5AH. This can run at a speed of 3.3 Km per hour.

The battery operated kids three wheel motorcycles are very safe ride on toys for the children in the age group of 2.5 to 7 years and they will enjoy their ride in these motor cycles that come in a variety of shapes and colors. If you want to give your child a special gift of an Indian motorcycle battery operated for his birth day, then you can think of the replica toy ride on Indian Motorcycle Limited Edition available through

This is a special edition and a mini replica ride- on toy motor cycle and has working headlights and tail lights together with the gold trim and decals. Traveling at 2.5 miles per hour this is very safe for your child.

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