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Battery Operated Socks – Stay Warm with Battery Powered Socks

Winter is one of the seasons that puts more burdens on our body system and we have to take extra precautions to keep ourselves warm. We wear lot of protective clothing to give the body more heat and prevent the body heat from escaping by using layered clothing and by other means.

Battery operated socks are the best way to keep our legs and toes warm and hot by giving enough heat for upto 6 hours till the time we can reach our home and get heat externally. These are provided with rechargeable batteries that can be easily recharged for the next use.

There are many types of battery operated heated socks that can be used while going outdoors in the winter season or during winter sports and other activities like riding a motor cycle, winter biking, skiing, snow mobiling or winter trekking. The people who work outdoors also use these heated clothing to protect themselves from the bad effects of cold temperatures.

Normally we wear layers of insulation clothe to trap the body heat and prevent it from escaping. The heat that is produced by our body is used as a heating source. But this becomes useless if we get wet inside the cloth by getting sweat, or when soaked in rain.

Battery operated Socks keep your feet warm

The technology of heated clothing is best suited to keep our body warm and give the heat necessary for keeping our extremities of hands and legs warm and hot so that they escape from the ill effects of the cold weather like the frostbite or frostnip. The rechargeable battery socks are the best solution for keeping your feet warm while going and remaining outdoors for longer periods of time. These have a heating arrangement through electric current supplied by a battery. The socks have arrangements for holding the heating unit and the battery and when these are put on can keep the feet warm and hot for longer periods.

When you are traveling outside in winter in vehicles, your heated garments will be connected to the battery of your vehicles and that will supply the heat required for your body.

But when you are going away from your vehicle this will not be useful so for these types of activities it is always better to use battery powered socks that have independent heating units attached to the socks. For making best use of the socks you must be able to know how battery operated socks operate so that you can use them properly to get the necessary heat and protect your legs and toes.

The battery thermo socks use special types of batteries that can supply electric power to the heating elements in the socks for longer periods of times and they are usually these rechargeable types of nickel- metal hydride or lithium batteries. These battery operated socks are good for hunting also and there are many types of battery operated heating socks that are available in the market today.

In the present days we have many types of lithium batteries like lithium- Ion and Lithium- polymer batteries also to power these batteries operated heated socks. Several heating methods like copper wire, metal meshes, carbon fibers, or carbon embedded fabric etc are used to produce heat in these socks.

These battery operated socks are available in a variety of models and all range of prices. The cheapest models have just on off switch while the costly models have a control unit that can be used to control the amount of heat produced by a battery heated socks lectra.

When the climate is warm the control unit can be detached from the socks and can be worn as normal socks. One of the best battery operated socks is the Nordic Gear Socks: Lectra Battery Heated Socks LS-30. These are made from a blend of a blend of 36% wool, 33% winter acrylic, 22% Hollifil polyester and 9% nylon; these socks are good to go even when you’re out of batteries. These work with 2 D batteries and can give heat for up to 6 hours.

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