Battery Operated Sump Pumps

Battery Operated Sump Pumps – Powered Without Electricity

Our homes are our lifetime investments most of the times as it is not only a symbol of our life’s savings but is also the personification of all our emotions and relations.

The houses today are hardly without a basement and the existence of a basement is synonymous with the problem of flooding. There can be several reasons for flooding in the basement including a crack in the basement foundation, power outage or failure of a sump pump.

To clean up the flooded area is simply a nightmare and with frequent power failures, the electric operated sump pumps can turn out to be real trouble. The only solution in such a situation is a sump pump that is powered with a battery.

The battery powered sump pumps come with special monitoring features that raise an alarm the moment there is a problem or a need of maintenance. These pumps have both powerful and reliable pumping system and are available as a primary sump pump, back-up sump pump and even a combination pump. These pumps are even rechargeable with a perfect charging system that recharges the battery as soon as the power is reconnected to the system.

The uniqueness of these battery powered sump pumps rely on the fact that they need not be placed in sump water. They can be placed out of the water and hung on a bracket above the water. This will prevent the pump from getting in contact with dirty water, minerals, silt etc. and thus prevent corrosion and deterioration of the pump.

This in turn increases the reliability of the entire system. These pumps can be installed easily and they usually come with an entire kit that has all the accessories of the pump except for the batteries. The good news is that these pumps do not require much expensive proprietary batteries.

The popular brands that make these sump pumps are Zoeller, Dayton, Craftsman and Flotec. For complete security and peace of mind, the battery operated sump pumps are the only thing to depend upon!!

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