Battery Operated Blanket Review

Battery Powered Heated Blankets

I was looking for an electric blanket to keep me warm during the long rides I have to make every week.

I wanted a blanket that is rechargeable or can be powered by my car. After reading a battery operated blankets review, I bought the Camo Cozy Heated blanket and I must say, I am truly satisfied with it.

I think that I underestimated the coziness and practicality of these products. I just plug it into the cigarette lighter of my car, I wrap the blanket around me and I’m good to go. This blanket shuts down automatically after 30 or 45 minutes, so it is safe.

It is made of polyester fleece and it gets warm really quickly, like in one minute! My favorite thing about this item is that it is battery powered. I just plug in a battery pack and I can use it for camping.

P. Robertson, NE

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