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Battery Operated Candle Reviews

Customer Battery Operated Candle Reviews

I wouldn't buy this battery operated candle again.

I read couple of customer reviews about battery operated candle and I don't believe what I have read. All people who bought this candle were satisfied with them and they liked them very much. Frankly, I do not like them at all. The light is very dim and they can't be see more than 15 feet away from the outside the house and the sensor doesn't work either. They really look ridiculous. The only thing I liked about them is they are battery powered which means there aren't any cords. Overall, I am not thrilled as other people are and I will not buy it again.

L. Walker, FL

Not happy with battery operated candle.

I bought Emson battery operated candle, as I wanted some attractive decoration for my living room for husband's birthday party. I thought it would make a romantic atmosphere like some people said in their customer reviews. But imagine my disappointment when the candle arrived and when I placed it on my window. Luckily, I ordered only one to try it first and I planned to order more if I like it. The light it gave off was very poor and I noticed that the bulb couldn't be change so when the bulb goes off I could only throw it away and it was too expensive for a throw away item. The only thing I liked is it doesn't need cord because it is battery powered. So, I will return it to the seller.

C. Jackson, AR

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