Battery Powered Coffee Maker Review

Battery Powered Coffee Makers

The Coleman 5008C700T Camping Coffeemaker is GREAT! I read about it in a battery operated coffee makers review and now I’ve got it too.

I go camping and hiking a lot and it is nothing worse when there is no coffee to drink in the mornings. But this electric coffee maker solves all my problems. Now I can have coffee any time and any place. I just need some batteries, and there you go..

This battery powered coffee maker is also great to heat water for other stuff, like tea or hot chocolate. Usually I use rechargeable batteries, I think they are more efficient. The coffee maker could be smaller, but you can fit it in a backpack, if necessary.

Actually I like to go by car everywhere, so I put it in my trunk. I think it looks very elegant, not like a camping coffee maker.

D. Warner, WY

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