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Battery Operated Hair Dryers Reviews

Customer Battery Operated Hair Dryers Reviews

Battery Operated Hair Dryer toy is wonderful toy for little girls.

I bought Casdon Hair Drier Kit for my little girl who is 5 years old. She has many dolls and likes to play with them and make them lovely hairstyles. When I gave her this cute battery powered hair dryer, she was extremely happy. She couldn't stop jumping of joy and now she plays with it every day. This Casdon Hair Dryer is made of plastic and requires 2 AA batteries. Although it is a toy, it really works well and sounds like real hair dryer. I think I couldn't buy her toy she would like better. She enjoys in doing hairstyles to her dolls and I think it is a perfect gift for every little girl.

A. Norman, OH

Cute Battery Operated Hair Dryer.

I bought Casdon Hair Dryer Kit for my niece last year for Christmas and I am very surprised it still works. I though, since it is a plastic toy and many other plastic toys don't last too long, it wouldn't last longer than couple of months. Fortunately, it is still working and it works well with its 2 AA batteries. It is very suitable for little girls when playing with their dolls and making them lovely hairstyles. This battery powered hair dryer is good for kids because there isn't any cord and they don't have to deal with electricity since it can be very dangerous. It is very lovely design and kids just adore it. Casdon hair dryer has very realistic sound.

D. Gilbert, IL

Girls love battery operated hair dryer.

This little pink Casdon hair dryer is something that most little girls love to have. I bought two for my grandchildren (I have two little girls) and they simply adore it. It's their favorite toy. Battery powered toys are very practical for kids and I always buy something that is battery operated for kid because these toys are harmless and yet they work like real.

F. Harlots, FL

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