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Potato Battery Light Bulb

Potato Battery Light Bulb- Potato Powered Project Light

One of the simplest projects you can try out in your home is the creation of a potato battery light bulb that can amaze your friends and family.

The entire concept is extremely interesting and can help you learn a lot about science, especially chemical reactions that form the driving force behind the entire project. These potato powered bulbs can be used for show and tell classes, as part of any science fair or even in more practical utilities when the lights go out in your house because of a power failure.

Usually electric projects are quite complex and require a fair amount of technical knowledge but this is the simplest use of electrochemical cells that can be built even by kids. All you need are a potato, a copper or zinc wire, a nail and a light bulb for the project.

To start building your very own potato battery light bulb, you need to skin the potatoes and make sure you have more than one available because you need lots of them to act as batteries and provide the right voltage for your light bulb. You need to insert the nail on one side of the potato and the copper wire into the other. The other piece of the wire should be wrapped around the nail to complete your setup.

The piece of the wire attached to the nail should touch the negative pole of the bulb while the other piece of the wire should touch the positive pole to complete the battery powered circuit. You will not get these bulbs at hardware stores but the sheer joy of building it in your own home is worth the time spent behind this project.

Chemical energy is converted to electrical energy in a potato battery light bulb that helps the bulb light up in the end. The models are also rechargeable as long as you do not run out of potatoes. Overall, it is a wonderful experiment that is educational as well as a lot of fun.

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