Battery Operated Radio Review

Battery Operated Radio Review – Battery Powered Radios

I purchased GPX R600B Portable AM/FM Radio with Line Input a few days ago.

At first I checked out what others have to say about this product in a battery operated radios review.

I needed a battery powered small radio to listen to music and to the news. I wanted it to be electric, practical and easy to use. I love this product, because it doesn’t need an outlet and I can carry it around anywhere I like.

It has built in speakers and I love their sound. It has a 3.5 mm audio line input, so I can plug in other devices and headphones as well. I hear a lot of good things about GPX, and now I can say that I’m satisfied with this brand. Also, this little radio is so cute!

I love the way it looks. It is small, black and elegant. I was told that it can be used with different kinds of batteries. I use rechargeable ones and they are really efficient.

A. Blount, OK

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