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Yamaha Rhino Battery Operated Riding Toy

Yamaha Rhino Battery Operated Riding Toy- Battery Powered Riding Vehicle For Kids

Kids would have a blast with the new battery powered ATV known as the Yamaha Rhino that can provide countless hours of fun and excitement.

There is nothing like enjoying the feel of a rough off the road adventure with the precious yamaha rhino battery operated riding toy that can help kids with their passion for cars. The entire design is simple and child friendly so your kid will be attracted to the vehicle right from the first moment itself. The product has flawless quality and makes for a real value for money purchase as a gift to a child.

There are lots of special features hidden away within the electric vehicle. A lot of attention has been put to realistic detail with the inclusion of a dump bed and a tailgate that is sure to fascinate your child.

There are lights and different road sounds loaded on the yamaha rhino battery operated riding toy to add to the atmosphere inside the car. It is modeled on the real Yamaha Rhino utility vehicle and even has two variable speed settings of 2.5 and 5 kilometers per hour. The model is rechargeable so a single battery can last you for a long time without having to deal with regular replacements.

In order to help kids get the first real taste of driving, there are two forward speeds and one reverse speed along with a gearshift mechanism. The vehicle runs using 12V batteries and is extremely easy to assemble. The yamaha rhino battery riding toy adds to the authenticity by using pretend velcro seatbelts and tires that have firm traction.

The off road styling of the vehicle makes it suitable for any rugged terrain and you can even paint the car in custom colors to make it more attractive for your child. This electric car has an extremely affordable price tag and can be a real quality product for your kids to get a sense of adventure and fun in the great outdoors.

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